Petite Luxury Homes

Company Overview

The Petite Luxury Homes LLC is registered as a single-member limited liability company formed January 2022 in the state of Texas. Petite Luxury Homes is also registered as a foreign limited liability company in the state of Oklahoma. Our CEO and Founder, Kylanetra Whittington has 100% ownership stake in the company. No outside investors are involved at this time, although we are open to providing investment opportunities as the business expands. 

In December 2022, Petite Luxury Homes purchased 2.5 acres less than one mile from the shores of Lake Texoma in Kingston, Oklahoma. This will be the first location for the company to build the vacation rental community. 

Petite Luxury Homes is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), and Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

Our Mission

Petite Luxury Homes’ corporate mission is to introduce and inspire potential home buyers, renters, regional tourists, partners, and investors to procure the financial benefits of the tiny home lifestyle by experiencing our innovative, sustainable, and luxury tiny home vacation rentals and full suite of tiny home, focused services.

Additional Certifications/Registrations:

Active SAM Registration, Small Business Enterprise Certification, Women-Own Small Business Certification (Pending)

The Problem

Our target clients want to be homeowners, but the road to traditional homeownership is often full of roadblocks and high costs that detour many from purchasing a home. With rising home prices, many clients who choose not to purchase a home are left with the following options:  Continue to rent apartments, live with parents or close relatives, or live with roommates or friends. Our clients deserve a better option that offers autonomy and a sense of ownership.


The Solution

While the increase of labor and materials is unavoidable, tiny homes are a viable alternative to conventional homeownership. Petite Luxury Homes offers clients a full-service tiny home experience with the intent to inspire others to pursue alternative, yet affordable long-term housing solutions, specifically tiny homes, by offering the following services:

            • Tiny Home Vacation Community
            • Ancillary Services, including list of preferred realtors, certified tiny home builders, local contractors, and lenders

Why Petite Luxury Homes?

In 2020, while working for a Fortune 50 secondary multifamily mortgage firm, CEO Kylanetra (Kyla) Whittington observed the swift impact COVID-19 had on tenants’ inability to fulfill their lease obligations. While homeowners were aided by forbearances, modifications, and the national eviction moratorium, renters heavily relied upon the eviction moratorium to avoid homelessness. Concurrently, she was introduced to the tiny home movement by a close friend, who had been traveling in South America and shared their experience. With the growing threat of homelessness, rising home prices, and this intriguing idea of living in a tiny home, Kyla was inspired to return to the basics and create a social business focused on affordable housing. Understanding that no one is rushing to sell 80 percent of their belongings, she wanted Petite Luxury Homes to offer tiny home experiences that promotes and facilitates positive engagement with living tiny. Petite Luxury Homes wants to assure potential and existing homeowners that they have access to homes that are affordable, modern, and innovative without sacrificing luxury and comfort. While vacation homes are fun, Petite Luxury Homes has a bold commitment to helping others find affordable housing. While providing guests with an immersive tiny home experience, the company will leverage its network to provide ancillary tiny home services, which includes locating certified tiny home builders, realtors, or land, as well as providing general guidance regarding land restrictions and financing. By providing guests with resources and connections, Petite Luxury Homes can facilitate a positive tiny
homeownership experience.

“American Dream is the continuous desire for better, it is impossible to fully grasp.”



F. Scott Fitzgerald

Petite Luxury Homes

We understand that homeownership is a very important decision, which is why we facilitate complete tiny home solutions to assist our clients in their journey to tiny homeownership. Petite Luxury Homes Vacation Rentals provides a tangible illustration of how our clients can enjoy the tiny home lifestyle. With the exposure to our vacation rentals along with a first-class tiny home experience, we hope to inspire our clients to change from tiny home renters into tiny home owners. We plan to launch tiny home pocket neighborhoods that offer 6 tiny homes per one acre with communal areas such as firepits, as well as a multi-use clubhouse. Additionally, the interior of each tiny home suite will be less than 300 square feet with an impressive outdoor space that includes an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, and outdoor shower.

Tiny Home Ancillary Services

Petite Luxury Homes differentiates itself by offering both luxury accommodations and ancillary tiny home services. We strive to create a luxury tiny home experience that will keep guests coming back throughout the year. Additionally, to build a strong relationship with guests, even after their visit, we assist in locating certified tiny home builders, realtors, or land, as well as general guidance regarding land restrictions and financing. We want to help guests that don’t know where to start on their journey to affordable homeownership. Petite Luxury Homes want to increase homeownership by providing potential homeowners an opportunity to experience the possibilities of tiny living.

Blueprint for Affordable Housing

The concept of Petite Luxury Homes was undoubtedly established to challenge how we seek the homeownership part of the American dream. Affordable housing programs primarily focus on subsidizing the upfront closing cost for first-time homebuyers. There are even inheritable 50-year mortgages to help lower monthly cost. While those solutions to the cost of purchasing a home are notable, it does not reduce the bottom line. How can we reduce the price of a home? We don’t have much bargaining power on the home price, building cost, or interest rate but we can reduce labor and supplies cost by building smaller homes. In the United States, the median square feet of floor area in new single-family houses in 1973 is 1,525 square feet and in 2021 is 2,273. In nearly 50 years, the median home size has grown by 748 square feet, which is larger than most one-bedroom apartments. Our clients can absolutely have the white picket fence, family, dogs, and a tiny home on .08 acres and we want to show them just how possible it is.